Tuesday, February 8, 2011

George Washington Tingler 1844-1933

George Washington Tingler was born April 15, 1844 in Rich Patch, Alleghany County, Virgina and died on March 17, 1933 in the same vicinity.  He is buried in the Lone Star Cemetery off County Road 18 in Potts Creek, Virginia.  Because of the diligent research and talented writing of Lewis Medford "Med" Stone, we know more about him and his life than almost any of our ancestors of that generation.  I would refer anyone interested to the 1996 autograph, The Civil War Saga of George Washington Tingler, by Med Stone, for an colorful and information filled summary of his life.  I will provide the full text of the autograph by email to anyone requesting it.

GW married Elzenia C. King on January 8, 1966, after returning from a horrific experience as a soldier and prisoner in the Civil War.  Elzenia, or Ellen as she is reported to have been called in some sources, was born in Rich Patch also on November 30, 1847 and died December 12, 1910, many years before her husband.

GW and Ellen had ten children including Nancy Ann, Lucinda J., Charles W., Jacob Henry, Molly Mary Watts, Rachel E. (my great grandmother), Richard, Edna M., George McClennan, and Malinda Ellen.  GW's remains lie in a grave in the cemetery of the Lone Star Baptist Church on Potts Creek Road not far south of my grandpa Jamison's farm.  His funeral was conducted by Reverend J.B. Daughtery and Reverend H.W. Wriston.

The nutshell version:  he grew up on the farm, at 17 joined the Confederate Army, served through the bad times, went AWOL, came back, fought in the line at the Battle of Droop Mountain just months after Gettysburg, got captured, barely survived Yankee prison in Fort Delaware, returned home, farmed, married, had kids, hunted and fished, and grew old watching his kids make the mistakes he couldn't save them from.  He lost his loving wife long before he died, and spent his last years entertaining his kids with stories.  He was in short, a great old American man.

GW is reported to have been a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, a church that became part of 'The Methodist Church' in 1939 after his death.


  1. Hello, my name is Kaleb Tucker. I managed to google George Washington Tingler, who happens to be my Great Great Great? Grandfather. My line of family comes from Mary (who married Emmett Tucker) Great post!

  2. My Name is Howard Ray Tucker .I am the Great Grandson of George Washington Tingler . I have visited his home place and his grave site in Lone Star Cementry on Potts Creek in Alleghany County Virginia.I am the Grandson of Mary Watts Tingler Tucker.

  3. Thanks for your comment Howard. I'm looking forward to visiting the gravesite sometime in the future.

  4. My name is Al Overstreet. I think George Washington Tingler my be my great, great grandfather. My grandfather is Thomas Jefferson Tingler and he is buried in Lone Star on Potts Creek. I appreciate any information you may have about my family geneology. I would especially be interested for the emailed version of the book you mentioned and any other records you have have concerning the parents/grandparents of George Washington Tingler.

  5. I also believe this man to be my great great grandfather. My name is Heather Tucker. I want to communicate with anyone who can provide more info concerning him and the family.Email me at cloverandcompany2011@gmail.com or friend request me on facebook Heather Tucker selma, virginia

  6. Heather Tucker.....i think this man may be my great great grandfather....I will friend request you.